12/14 • NewsOrlando

Parents upset by unannounced ‘code red drill’ at high school

Two little boys wearing blue backpacks or schoolbags walking in residential area walkway. Little brothers are either going to school in the morning or returning from school in the evening.

 — Some parents are outraged that a Florida high school conducted an unannounced “code red drill,” sending students and teachers into a panic.

Orange County school district spokesman Michael Lawrence tells the Orlando Sentinel that Thursday’s panic was caused when a Lake Brantley High School student shared a screenshot of an alert that some teachers received during the drill, warning of an active shooter on campus.

Lawrence says schools sometimes conduct unannounced drills and immediately alert parents. He says Thursday’s message may have gone out a “bit later” than normal.

A parent responding to the school’s Facebook message said: “nothing is more terrifying than getting a text from your daughter who is hiding in her classroom having a complete anxiety attack.” She said it was the wrong way to practice safety.

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