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Loose Goats Lead Florida Officer Through Neighborhood On Hilarious Chase

HILLSBORO COUNTY, FLA  Being a deputy in Florida is no easy task, and each day presents new challenges. Because of this, officers have to be prepared for pretty much anything, sort of like when a Hillsborough County deputy had to round up a heard of goats on the loose. 

According to the Facebook post made by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department, Corporal Kaleikini responded to a call for 13 loose goats in the suburban, and definitely not rural, Village of Lake St. Charles subdivision in Riverview yesterday – and he caught some of the chase on video.

The post further states: “After checking the HCSO manual under “’loose goats’” and finding no guidance, he channeled his inner cowboy and herded them through the streets. They eventually found their way back home to a neighboring property where they had knocked down part of the fencing. The owner, who didn’t know they were missing, was grateful to get them back safely. “

You can watch the video here.

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