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A sweet location: Ice cream parlor opening in South Highlands neighborhood

This spring, customers won’t have to wonder where or when they’ll get a scoop of Sweetport’s signature ice creams. Flagging down the ice cream truck won’t be required once the doors open to the business’s brick and mortar retail store. 

In early March, Sweetport will open a standalone ice cream shop at 3301 Line Ave., at the corner of Gladstone Boulevard and near Kings Highway in Shreveport. 

Construction began in September and is expected to end in time for the tentative opening date. 

“We’re a locally-owned shop that basically wants to add a layer of coolness to our community,” said co-owner Jeff Spikes. 

In August 2016, Jeff and Nicole Spikes launched their Sweetport mobile ice cream store and catering service. 

Sweetport debuted as a 1950s International Harvester Metro Van converted into an ice cream truck, adoringly named Sweetie. The vintage vehicle cruised through neighborhoods and served crowds at festivals and events across Shreveport-Bossier City. 

Once the brick and mortar shop opens, the ice cream truck will continue to roll but less frequent and at a slower pace of business.

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